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2012 Accomplishments
2012 Accomplishments



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Help us make a difference in Israel

Lovers of Israel know of the ongoing attacks of terrorism against the Jewish people in Israel, however most do not know that Israel’s most distressing and daily hardship is poverty.

  • 19.8% of Israel’s population lives at the poverty line of $438/month
  • one fifth of families still live in poverty
  • One third of Israel’s children still suffer
  • There are over 1.7 million people in Israel, considered living below poverty (25%)

(According to 2010 National Insurance Institute of Israel, www.btl.gov)

God’s Favor to meet the need

In 1996, the MJAA began its outreach in Israel  with subsidies to aid centers helping new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In 2000, the MJAA significantly increased aid within Israel by importing containers of goods which are funded by individual donors, as well as organizations around the world. This massive amount of humanitarian aid is distributed through the our country-wide infrastructure. From hospital beds and equipment, to food, to furniture, to clothing and shoes, and so much more, the MJAA has helped orphans, widows, the homeless, disabled, soldiers, firefighters, and families all over Israel.

Over $95 million in aid

Thanks to our generous partners, the MJAA has distributed over $95 million in aid to the poor in Israel—Jews, Arabs, Moslems, and Christians. These goods are delivered to those in need by our truck. When emergencies arise, we are there to meet needs.


Israel Child

Decide which is the best way for you to help:

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The Best Formula for Changing Lives

Aid + Love = Changed Lives. MJAA's aid workers in Israel have shared hundreds of precious stories of how goods coupled with a loving heart are changing lives. Watch our video to see the wonderful people we serve. Read some of the touching stories of how lives have been changed.

“We are new immigrants. Your aid center gave us clothes and diapers for our baby . . . except for you, no one can help us.” M. Family, Haifa, Israel

“This is a blessing for us . . . We are a big school with big needs . . . Thanks a lot [for the school desks] again." Mr. M, Director of Nazareth School, Galilee region


Anne GrahamAnne Graham Lotz
(Billy Graham's daughter and the founder of AnGel Ministrys)
"It is a Joy to affirm the ministry and outreaches of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA). Their ministry is reaching Jewish people with the Good News of the Gospel and ministers to those Jewish people who have embraced Jesus as Messiah, Savior, and Lord. We praise God for your faithfulness to His call on your life and believe that soon our 'faith will become sight' as our Messiah returns for His own."
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